A Closer Walk with Thee {Traveling through Lent with Children}

Talking about Lent with children has always been a difficult topic for me. While Christmas is a time of celebration and joy…Lent, to me, has always seemed heavy and dark. Perhaps because we often spend so much of Lent focusing on the death of Jesus. But Lent is not just about the crucifixion. Lent is about letting go of the distractions in our lives so that we can renew our focus on God. It’s about choosing to spend 40 days walking side by side with Jesus!

In this video I share some ideas of how you can experience Lent with the children in your life!

Links mentioned in the video:

Join the discussion! How are you sharing Lent with your family? What ideas do you have for connecting fasting and giving? What forms of prayer do you use with your children? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Gratitude Documented

I’m back for a second time today because I have some really exciting news! Each week I talk about the spiritual practice of mindfulness. I recently presented a class at a church retreat all about documenting our gratitude. The class was an exploration into noticing the little moments of joy that bless your day and finding ways to acknowledge them. I have now turned that material into an self-paced online class on my other website ScrapInspired.com. While the class does offer a scrapbooking component it also offers many other ideas for documenting your gratitude (ranging from no craft skills required to very crafty). I wanted to make you aware of the class because I think it goes right along with the spiritual practice of mindfulness and would be very applicable to you! If you’d like more information you can click the image above or the one in the sidebar. You can also follow this link http://scrapinspired.com/gratitude-documented/

I hope that you will be inspired to document your moments of gratitude, as I have!

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