Pray for the Earth

Tell your child(ren) that there are people all over the world in need and that sometimes even the earth itself is in need. Sometimes the earth can seem so big and we don’t know what to do to help. One thing we can do is say a prayer for the earth and all her people in need.

Hug an earth ball in your arms, like this Plush Earth, and say a prayer of blessing. Pass the earth ball around the circle and give each member of the family a chance to offer a prayer.



Prayer Poster

It’s important to teach our children how to pray. But sometimes it can be hard for them to think of who to pray for. A prayer poster can be a great visual for children during prayer time!

Have your child(ren) create a poster of the people that are important to them.  They could stick on photographs, draw, or just list the names. Tell the child to think about why these people are important to them as they make their poster.  Together find someplace special to hang the poster. If you have more than one child they should each have their own poster. While some of the people may be the same, the children may also have people they want to include that are unique to them. Tell your child that each day they can pray for someone on their poster.

During your nightly prayer time rotate the location in which you pray so that each family member’s poster is featured at least one night during the week.  You can pray together as a family or individually for someone on the featured prayer poster.

Give your child a model for how to pray, other than the “gimme” kind of prayers.  As you pray hold an LED tea light candle and name the person or people you are praying for. Tell your child to imagine holding the light of that person up to God.  Then to imagine God’s light filling that person as you pray.  Your prayer might sound something like this, “Loving God, tonight I hold the light of [Grandma] up to you.  [She] is special to me because …  I know God that you are with [Grandma] every day.  Let her feel your light filling every part of her life.  Amen.”  This prayer is simply an example! Feel free to use any words that come from your heart!


Chalice Prayer

Ask your child(ren) if they know of someone that is hurting (it may be someone they know personally or a situation they know of through the news or school).

Form your hands into a bowl shape. Have your child imagine holding those people/situations in their hands.

Say a prayer together. As you say the prayer, literally lift your hands in the air and hold the people/situations up to God.


Body Prayer

When you wake up in the morning start your day with God by praying with your whole body.  Stand up next to your bed and reach for the sky.  Say good morning to God.  Now stretch your arms out wide and thank God for your blessings.  Then hug your arms into yourself and ask God to be present within you today.  Repeat 2-3 times.

What other actions and words could you add to your morning body prayer?



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