Let’s Get Real

Here at Childhood Spirituality I have one main rule…this is a guilt free zone. Parents, and women especially, are GOOOD at guilt. As you read my blog I don’t want to you doing any shoulda, coulda, woulda kinda stuff. No regretting what you haven’t done or didn’t do with the kids in your life. This website is all about enriching our lives from this moment forward.

In the interest of full disclosure (ask my boys, they will be honest with you), there are definitely days that my family does no spiritual practices what-so-ever. Sorta, like maybe all summer long last year. It’s never too late to start a routine, and it’s never to late to re-start a routine. When school started back up, I started back in with our nightly spiritual practice…and my son Parker said, “Mommy we don’t do prayers anymore.” And I was like, “yes we do! We just got out of the habit over the summer, and now we are going to start doing them again.” And there have been times since then that we have gotten out of the habit…again. And restarted our routine…again.

I share lots of ideas on this site. And I do all of this stuff, at some point or another. But, believe me, I don’t do all of it every day. I do some of it…sometimes…on some days. That’s life! Don’t think that I’m some super mom with a spotless house, perfectly balanced meals, and brilliant children who never complain and always clean up after themselves while simultaneously praying to God and spouting scripture. UHHH, NOT EVEN CLOSE! Well, I am a super mom. But it’s because I love my kids with all my heart and try, the best I can, to live a Christian example.  Some days I do, and some days I don’t and that’s ok! Whatever level of spiritual practice you do with your children, the fact that you are here means that you strive to live a Christian example! And that is what counts!

So if I, the author of a blog on spirituality, am here telling you that some days I do this stuff better than others, then that should give you permission to do and be the best you can and not beat yourself up for what you don’t get done!  No guilt here!  Just fun, and living this spiritual life together!  Deal?

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