Mindfulness Monday {Funny Man}

I’ve mentioned before that my dad had a massive stroke a little over a year ago. Saturday my boys had their first soccer games of the season. My mom and dad, along with my sister and her kids, decided to come to the game. Let me tell you, trying to maneuver a wheel chair through the grassy fields was not the easiest task.

We watched the games, we talked we laughed, and Dad sat mostly quiet. Every once and awhile he’d give one of the kids a high five, or pat me on the back. I was glad he was there, but I wasn’t sure how much he was getting out of it. My sister snapped this photo and posted it on facebook.

It took my brother in law commenting for us all to notice the bunny ears Dad put up behind my head. Look again, did you notice? I laughed out loud when I saw that. Mostly because that is SO HIM! He’s always had a great sense of humor. Since the stroke, his humor still shows itself but much less frequently. When my sister asked him about it later he just got this smirk on his face.

It’s one of those little moments I could have easily missed. It took someone else to point it out to me. Mindfulness can be like that, sometimes you need someone else to say hey look at that! And yet, that one little thing blessed my day.

Spend some time today and listen to those around you! What special moments do they see that you might have otherwise missed?


Mindfulness Monday {Relaxing}

I had lots of should do’s yesterday. I should start some laundry. I should pick up the house. I should make dinner. I should write this week’s blog posts. I should, I should, I should…but I didn’t. I took the afternoon off. I read a book. I napped. I went for a walk with my family. I sat and talked with my husband while my boys played outside. I relaxed. And I’m so thankful that I let go of my shoulds and took advantage of the day of rest.


Mindfulness Monday {Gettin Doodley}

Last week I took a webinar on doodling. Now I love to get crafty, but I don’t often just doodle. This week I did, and painted a bit as well. I just had so much fun. As parents I know we’ve all sat down with our kids and colored with them in their coloring books, but when was the last time you just sat and doodled? I encourage you to take some time this week to simply doodle…for fun…yep fun!


Mindfulness Monday {Making Warm Memories}

One thing I remember from my childhood is walking home from school on a snowy day to find that my mother had baked fresh cookies for snack. Every thing about that memory feels warm and cozy to me.

This week we had a snow day. I had lots on my to do list! But I decided that making a memory was more important. While my kids were outside playing in the snow I was inside making fresh cookies and hot chocolate. They came in and were so giddy to see cookies and hot chocolate waiting for them. Seeing the smiles on their faces was another warm and cozy moment for me. I was reminded that while getting things done is necessary, so is taking the time to create warm memories with your children!


Mindfulness Monday {Basketball Grandpa}

It’s often the little things that mean so much. A year ago, my Dad suffered a massive stroke. Since then, so much of his life is different. My Dad, a man who would have been at most every one of my son’s games has been to none. Until Saturday. My Dad was more focused and attentive than he often is. And my son was so excited to have him there.

It’s a little thing…attending a 6 year old’s basketball game…but for us, it means so much!


Mindfulness Monday {A Place Where You Belong}

I don’t know where the idea originated, but recently one member of our sunday school class told us about some research. The researchers found that adults had a few communities they were a part of. Typically the two main communities were home/family and work. What they found was that most people seem to search for a third place where they belong. As our friend was sharing this with us, we knew that we finally had a name for our group. We call ourselves The Third Place. Because, for us, that sunday school community is a place where we belong. Not only do we study together on a weekly basis, we share about the highs and the lows in our life. And we gather together outside of church to share in fun and fellowship.

There is one thing I know to be true…not only have we adults found a community, but our children have as well. They now have a group of friends just as we do. But perhaps even more important, they see us gathering together with our friends from church. They see who we choose to share our lives with, the kind of people they are, and the support we give one another. They may not think about those things consciously…but someday when they are searching out their own “third place” they will remember.


Mindfulness Monday {Share a Hobby}

I’ve noticed recently that my oldest is taking an interest in two things I love to do…photography and scrapbooking. He sees me involved with something I love and wants to participate. When he asks to join me it would be easy to say go find something else to do. And honestly, I do say that sometimes. I need my time too. But I also make sure to schedule time with him. We scrap together and we have fun going on photo shoots together.

I love sharing this time with him! And I never would have realized his interest in my hobbies if I hadn’t been paying attention. What does your child want to share with you?


Practice Makes a Perfect Time for God

Does your child have a skill that they are learning which requires practice? Do they play the piano or another instrument? Paint? Dance? Play sports? Teach your child that each time they get ready to practice their talent to think of that practice time as personal time with God. Help them understand that they celebrate their talent by sharing every aspect of it with God. Model for your child how to talk to God about how they are feeling. Whether they are excited, frustrated, happy, sad, or even bored. Let them know they can tell God all about it. Teach them to think of their practice time as time with God. God is with us in all things!


Mindfulness Monday {Just Play}

Life gets so crazy and busy sometimes. And it’s easy to forget the simple joys in life. The other day during my oldest’s basketball game I noticed my youngest playing away. I took a few minutes to just watch him, listen to him, and enjoy his playful spirit. It reminded me that I need to play more. I need to stop the rush of daily life and take a few minutes to play. Even if there is no child in sight. So humor me…take a second and vroom a car, build with legos, dress up a baby doll…play. I bet it will bring a smile to your face!

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