Dive Deep

Who likes to go swimming? What is your favorite thing to do when you swim? Allow children to answer (if no one says it, comment about how fun it is to jump or dive in the water). I love swimming on a hot day, because when the cool water is all around me it makes me feel so much better!

Don’t you wish you could go do this right now?!? Show Cool Pool Video: Swimmers in Slow Motion on YouTube. Doesn’t that look like fun? Diving deep into that cool water! We’ve talked before about the way Jesus used stories to help people understand his message. Well today’s story will help us understand how much God and Jesus love us. Read John 15:9-14 from Ralph Milton’s Lectionary Story Bible Year B. This version is necessary for the lesson to make sense because it compares God’s love to cool water.

Why do you think I showed you this video earlier? Begin playing the video again (either mute or turn down the sound so you can continue talking). How does this video relate to the story I just read? Allow children to answer. As you watch the video again, imagine that you are jumping into that water…like you are jumping into God’s love. And it is all around you. When you jump into a pool of water and then climb out do you leave all the water behind in the pool? Or does some of it come with you? It comes with you right? You are covered in it. It changes you by making you wet. God’s love is like that. Once you jump in the pool of God’s love you are changed. The water of God’s love drips off you so that you can share it with others. Just like Mary encouraged Peter to share God’s love with someone he didn’t like very much. This summer, every time you go swimming I want you to remember that God’s love surrounds you, just like the water in the pool. All you have to do is dive in!


Every Wednesday I share a lesson based on the lectionary. These lessons are meant to be used for a children’s moment (aka children’s sermon, children’s liturgy, children’s church, etc), sunday school, or even as a family devotion in your own home.

I have taken the lesson above and written it into a lesson plan format. I have also added a Respond and Extend section to the downloadable lesson. These are additional ideas for the children to respond to the main lesson and then an extension activity for them to do at a later time. The extension activity includes a handout to send home with directions.

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