Signs of Spring

On Monday I shared with you my joyous moment of discovering robin eggs in a nest in front of my house. Today I want to encourage you to take part in the spiritual practice of mindfulness by taking a mindfulness walk with your children.

We’ve talked about mindfulness, or noticing, walks before. We’ve noticed the Big and Beautiful parts of creation as well as the Teeny Tiny parts of creation. For this walk I want you to notice the SIGNS of SPRING!

As you begin this walk with your child remind them of noticing walks you’ve taken in the past. If you’ve never taken a mindfulness walk it’s a good idea to introduce to your child what you will be doing. Tell your child that today we are going to look around and notice SIGNS of SPRING in the world around us. Don’t restrict your child’s noticings. If they say that construction on a new house is a SIGN of SPRING, say something like, “Construction is often seen in the spring time because the weather is warm enough for the workers to be outside.” You may even want to offer your child a way to document the SIGNS of SPRING they notice. They could use a camera to take a picture, or carry a notebook to record what they see using words or drawings.

When you return home discuss your noticings and how God plays a part in all of it. Say a prayer together thanking God for the SIGNS of SPRING you noticed together and asking God to open your eyes and help you notice more SIGNS of SPRING throughout the week.


PS: If you take a noticing walk with your child I’d love to hear about your experience! Leave a comment and let me know all about it!

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