Hunger Hits Home

Today is Good Friday. A day that we remember Jesus’ life and the amazing example he gave us! Jesus taught us to feed the hungry. And yet in America 1 in 5 children suffer from hunger. Today…Good Friday…let’s commit to live Jesus’ example. Let’s commit to learn more, and then do more to help all those that are hungry!

Check out the trailer for Hunger Hits Home – a new documentary about childhood hunger in America premiering April 14 at 8pm/7c on Food Network.



“In this 1-hour special we take a first-hand look at the crisis of childhood hunger in America through the eyes of the parents, children, activists, educators and politicians on the frontlines of the battle. The program is presented by Food Network and Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign.”

Change begins with you. See it. Share it. Support it.


We See Jesus

Every living thing has a beginning, a time to be alive, and an ending, or death. During our lifetime our bodies are busy doing work. Dying is a part of life for every living thing. (excerpt from When Dinosaurs Die by Marc and Laurie Brown)” Many of us have had someone that we knew and loved that has died. Maybe a friend, a family member, or even a pet. When someone special dies, it can be a very hard and sad time.

Our scripture story today is about a woman named Mary of Magdala. Mary was a special friend of Jesus (his mother was also named Mary, but the Mary in today’s story is a different Mary). This story takes place just after Jesus died. Just like many of us, Mary felt very sad when someone so special to her died. Let’s read to find out what happened. Read John 20:1-18 from Ralph Milton’s Lectionary Story Bible Year A.

Light the re-lighting candle and hold it up. During Jesus’ lifetime his body was busy doing work. He used his life to help others and to love all people. He shined light into the world. But some people didn’t like Jesus’ message and they tried to blow out his light by ending his life. Blow out the candle and watch it light up again. But Jesus was special, his light could not be put out. His body is gone, but his light is still with us. It shines in me, it shines in you, and you, and you, and you. Just like Mary Magdala, WE SEE JESUS. We see Jesus when we see people loving one another. We see Jesus when we see people feeding the hungry, We see Jesus when we see people helping those in need. We see Jesus in your smiles and your hugs. This is just a candle, I can put it out by dipping it in water (put out candle in a cup of water). But Jesus light can never be put out. It shines always through us. As you leave here today let Jesus’ light shine brightly in you so that all you meet can say…WE SEE JESUS!


Every Wednesday I share a lesson based on the lectionary. These lessons are meant to be used for a children’s moment (aka children’s sermon, children’s liturgy, children’s church, etc), sunday school, or even as a family devotion in your own home.

I have taken the lesson above and written it into a lesson plan format. I have also added a Respond and Extend section to the downloadable lesson. These are additional ideas for the children to respond to the main lesson and then an extension activity for them to do at a later time. The extension activity includes a handout to send home with directions.

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Mindfulness Monday {Loving Brother}

My youngest was sick all last week. One day my oldest came home with a letter he had written for his brother. He waited my youngest was asleep and then placed the letter in front of his door so that when my youngest woke up it would be the first thing he saw. My oldest wrote about how much he loved my youngest, and that he didn’t want him to be sick, and gave my youngest an extra day to sit in the middle at the island (a big deal around here).

As I watched my oldest put all of this together I was actually moved to tears. Even though there are plenty of moments my boys make each other crazy there are also moments like this. Where they express incredible love for one another. I’m so blessed to have a son that is so nurturing and loving to his brother!

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