Mindfulness Monday {New Life}

The other day I was taking photos of signs of spring for a scrapbooking project I was working on. I had a handful of photos but needed a few more. As I was taking a photo of my son with his baseball gear a bird flew out of a nearby bush. Which reminded me that there was a nest in that bush. Knowing that Mama bird was gone for the moment I stuck my camera in the bush to grab a photo of the nest. Now the nest was too high for me to see in so I held my camera at arms length and snapped. When I pulled it out to check the picture I discovered that the nest contained bright blue robins eggs! My heart seriously went pitter patter with joy! How precious and special to see the beginnings of new life. It makes me want to go out everyday and check for baby birds. I don’t want to scare Mama bird permanently away from the nest so I refrain, but I listen daily for their little chirps.

As the busyness of hurring from soccer practice to baseball practice to piano to games and trying to make sure everyone does homework and eats in between takes over my life this spring, I’m grateful for this little moment I had to pause and enjoy the beauty of creation!


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