All About You…

If you’ve been reading my blog, especially my Mindfulness Monday posts, you already know a bit about me! If you want to know more you can read the About Me page. But today I want to know about YOU!

I want to know…who are you? How would you describe yourself?

I want to know…why are you here? What interests you on this blog?

I want to know…who are the children in your life? What ages and stages are the children in your life?

Leave me a comment and tell me all about you! I really want to know more about you!


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2 thoughts on “All About You…

  1. You know me…I’m Mandy….remember the naive teenager that thought cooked squash was broiled lemons?! Thankfully I’ve broadened my fruit and vegetable knowledge and grown into a thirty-something military wife, mother of two, and lover of life and creation. Before kids I was a professional music therapist and now enjoy staying home with these two little souls, hopefully helping them grow into happy, responsible, centered, and fulfilled beings that keep the love for themselves and discovery that they now have.

    This blog has offered me some great inspiration and practical ideas for walking next to my children and guiding them on their spiritual journey. As a military family my children do not have the “luxury” of a church ” home” to grow up in, but they do have the blessing of seeing God’s love and diversity through our moves, different church families, and the beauty of different lands. I love that Childhood Spirituality gives me some tools and ideas for being the “constant” teacher of God’s love, God’s word, and spirituality for them in their often changing world. I’m truly grateful!

    My daughter, Sara, is five and my son, Oscar, is almost three! Sara will be going to a German kindergarten in the fall and Oscar will be starting preschool in Germany. Sara has been participating in a Godly Play Montessori-based Sunday School program at our church and Oscar still chills I the nursery…well, as much as an almost-three year old “chills”! They both seem to love life and seem to still be trying to figure this whole “God and Jesus thing” out (Ha! Who isn’t!?). Sara enjoys hearing bible stories and teaching what she learns or understands to Oscar. Oscar enjoys coming up with his own ideas, but often says that he loves God and Jesus. They both can’t seem to decide if God and Jesus always “being with you” is comforting or creepy. Each of them seem to have begun their spiritual journey which brings me great comfort. I look forward to seeing them grow and hope that I can help them with the questions and wonder they will most-likely experience as their journey continues.

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