Family Devotions for Lent

Recently a friend sent me a link to thisĀ Lent Family Devotions resource, “With GOD, All Things Are Possible.” The print copy is very inexpensive. $1.50 for the booklet, I assume there is shipping but I’m not sure. It is also available for Kindle or Nook. I chose to get the Kindle version so that I could read it right away.

The devotion for each night is short (a paragraph or two), contains a scripture, sometimes an activity suggestion, and a short prayer. There are no pictures, at least not in the eBook version. I would say that some adaptions would need to be made for using this resource with younger children. I do think it’s completely appropriate to read aloud each day with children 2nd/3rd grade and up. I would use this resource as a jumping off point for deeper discussions as a family.

I’m not going to let the fact that Lent has already begun stop me from using this with my children. Even though they are a bit younger (5 and almost 7), I’m interested in opening the door for a discussion about Lent. My plan is to skim through it each day and decide if that devotion is appropriate for the age of my children and then make adaptions as needed. Some days I may not use it at all. But having a resource at all will help guide my discussions about this difficult topic with my children.

How are you talking to your children about Lent?

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