Using a Labyrinth

Ever heard of a labyrinth? A labyrinth is similar to a maze except that there is only one path that leads to the center (no dead ends). Labyrinths are often full size so that you can physically walk through them. The process is extremely calming and peaceful.

I’ve been considering creating a labyrinth in the corner of our yard. I have even pinned some ideas on Pinterest. (You can follow my pinterest board here if you’d like) But that is an in the future project. Yet, I wanted a labyrinth for my boys. So for Christmas I bought one for my boys. The finger labyrinth pictured above is designed for two people, which is perfect for two kids.

I often find my boys sitting and tracing the labyrinth path, which is awesome! But that’s not why I bought it. I wanted to teach my boys ways to manage their anger. My oldest especially has trouble with tantrums when he’s in trouble. Recently, in one of those moments, I took him the labyrinth and asked him to think about what happened and what he could do differently as he traced the labyrinth two times. He calmed down almost immediately. Afterwards when we were talking through the problem he told me that he after he finished the labyrinth twice he still didn’t have an answer to my two questions so he did it a third time and then he was ready to talk. I asked him if he thought that using the labyrinth helped him when he was mad. He said that it did and agreed that he would like to use it again. Now, when he is in time out I quietly bring him the labyrinth and simply hand it to him. Will it always work? Probably not…but for now it is a helpful tool for him. And that’s what I hoped for.

If you are interested in other labyrinth options click on the My Favorites tab above and choose spirituality to see what else I own.

What do you do with your children to help them calm down? I’d love to hear what works for your family!

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