Mindfulness Monday {A Place Where You Belong}

I don’t know where the idea originated, but recently one member of our sunday school class told us about some research. The researchers found that adults had a few communities they were a part of. Typically the two main communities were home/family and work. What they found was that most people seem to search for a third place where they belong. As our friend was sharing this with us, we knew that we finally had a name for our group. We call ourselves The Third Place. Because, for us, that sunday school community is a place where we belong. Not only do we study together on a weekly basis, we share about the highs and the lows in our life. And we gather together outside of church to share in fun and fellowship.

There is one thing I know to be true…not only have we adults found a community, but our children have as well. They now have a group of friends just as we do. But perhaps even more important, they see us gathering together with our friends from church. They see who we choose to share our lives with, the kind of people they are, and the support we give one another. They may not think about those things consciously…but someday when they are searching out their own “third place” they will remember.

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