Let’s Be Grateful Together

A new year begins and we all start thinking about what we want for our lives. One thing I plan to continue in 2012 is documenting my gratitude. Some of you may know that I run another blog called Scrap Inspired. Over there I share posts about all things scrappy, crafty, and photography. But once a week I take time to share a moment of Gratitude. I call it Thankful Thursday. Then last fall I decided to turn my process into a class. I shared that class at my congregational retreat. Knowing that I would have a wide range of participants I made sure the class would share ideas applicable for everyone (crafty or otherwise). I got such an overwhelmingly positive response that I decided to turn that class into a self paced online course.

I have loved the process of noticing the little moments that bring me joy in my everyday life. But, for me, documenting those moments has been life changing. I have found that, through documenting, I am even more aware of my gratitude. And it has changed how I look at my day to day life.

Want to make documenting your gratitude a part of your life? In my class “Gratitude Documented” I share many ideas for how you can quickly and easily document your gratitude (some crafty and some not at all). You can buy this class now for only $10 or read more about it here.
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What’s more is that you can teach your children to document their gratitude as well! I’ve done this activity with children as young as 3 (who needed adult help for sure) up to kids around 10. I’ll say that listening to a child describe their gratitude is even more powerful than noticing your own.

Gratitude Documented for Kids is also only $10. It includes a video tutorial aimed directly at your child as well as step by step PDF directions. Read more about it here or buy it now!
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And if you want both classes you can buy them packaged together for only $15! That’s the same as buying one and getting the second for 50% off!
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Come on, take a journey with me! Let’s document our gratitude together!

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