Bath-tized or Baptized

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I bet you’ve all taken a bath before. Right? Why do we take baths? Allow children to answer. That’s right…we take baths to get clean. How many of you know what it means to be baptized? How is being baptized different than taking a bath? Allow children to share ideas about ways that baths and baptism are different. Acknowledge their comparisons but don’t correct or clarify any of them just yet.

Today I want to read you a story about when Jesus was baptized. Read Mark 1:4-11 from Ralph Milton’s Lectionary Story Bible year B. What does John say about baptism? Allow children to answer. John said that the water washes you clean on the outside and that God washes you clean on the inside. Even Jesus asked to be baptized. Did Jesus feel different after he was baptized? I think Jesus felt God’s presence even stronger than he had before. 

I’ve known little kids who would say bath-tized instead of baptized. I think they say that because getting in the water is a little bit like taking a bath. But we know that being baptized is different. After reading this scripture what would you say makes being baptized different than taking a bath? Allow children to answer. Be sure that children remember some of the key points…the water washes you clean on the outside and God washes you clean on the inside, and that when you are baptized you feel God’s presence even stronger than you did before.


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