A Gifted Teacher

Have you ever been taught something that was confusing to you? How did you figure it out? Did someone explain the idea to you in a simpler way that helped it make more sense? Who was it that helped you figure it out? Allow children to share examples of who helped them. Perhaps a teacher, a parent, a friend…

Today we are going to read another story in the bible about Jesus. Do you remember last week we talked about how Jesus gathered some fisherman to go out with him and fish for people? How he surrounded himself with friends so they could travel together and teach people about God? This story tells us about the kind of teacher Jesus was. Read Mark 1:21-28 from the Lectionary Story Bible – Year B by Ralph Milton. Let’s talk for a minute about the man in the story that was yelling at Jesus. Have you ever been mad or confused and said things you didn’t really mean? Allow children to share times they felt that way, or share a story from your own experience. What did Jesus tell the man to do to help him feel better? Allow children to respond. That’s right, he encouraged the man to sit quietly for a few minutes. Has anyone ever told you that? To sit quietly and maybe take a few breaths to help you calm down? Jesus was showing this man that he loved him, even though the man had been yelling at him. Sometimes people get confused and they just aren’t sure what God wants them to do. Jesus was good at helping people understand that God loves us no matter what, and that God wants us to love each other too. He was an excellent teacher. And we still are learning from Jesus’s example today. By reading these stories in the scripture about Jesus, he continues to teach us how to live in God’s way.


Every Wednesday I share a lesson based on the lectionary. These lessons are meant to be used for a children’s moment (aka children’s sermon, children’s liturgy, children’s church, etc), sunday school, or even as a family devotion in your own home.

I have taken the lesson above and written it into a lesson plan format. I have also added a Respond and Extend section to the downloadable lesson. These are additional ideas for the children to respond to the main lesson and then an extension activity for them to do at a later time. The extension activity includes a handout to send home with directions.

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