Nativity Set

I’ve talked before about how acting out scripture helps children connect with the story. I can’t think of a better time to pull out items to help children do just that than Christmas time! A nativity version of the bible box!

Each of my boys have their own nativity set. They keep them in their rooms. But as we get closer to Christmas I also pack one nativity into our church bag for them to play with during the service. It’s my hope that as they play with the nativity, the stories they are hearing in the worship will sink in a little deeper.

When I was at Target a couple of weeks ago I saw this little nativity in the dollar section. Not sure if they are still there, but you can definitely check it out!

Below are some amazon links to the other nativity sets I own. Even if you can’t get them in time for this Christmas, you could stock up for next year!

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