Mindfulness Monday {Family Traditions}

As a child my family always got a live Christmas tree. I have many memories of going out with my parents to select and cut down our tree. When my husband and I were first married we also cut down our own tree. But when we had our first child we decided to switch to a fake pre-lit tree. And while I LOVE the ease, I miss the experience of a real tree.

This year my Mom asked us to go with her to choose her tree. As we were walking through the tree farm I saw the sunlight streaming through the trees as 3 generations searched for the perfect tree. I’m so grateful for this chance to begin a new family tradition!

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4 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday {Family Traditions}

    • Thanks for your comment Patricia! You ended up in my spam for some reason, but I discovered your comment today. I’ll check out your blog! I’m always looking for new toys for my kids! Happy Holidays!

  1. Hi Monica, I am so impressed with your Blog! You are definitely using all those talents we saw in our Masters Program! Very proud of you!!! By the way, my word is HOPE! God Bless and I will continue to follow your Blog and share it with friends. Sending hugs, Micki 🙂

    • Ah thanks Micki! 🙂 I HOPE that HOPE is very good to you in 2012! Hugs to you as well!

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