Countdown to Christmas

I love decorating for Christmas. And I enjoy the idea of advent calendars. This year I’ve decided to countdown in a different way. As a former teacher I have LOTS children’s books. Many of which are still in boxes in my basement. I decided to pull out my favorite Christmas/holiday books. Some are secular and some are religious. I discovered that I had 20 holiday books. If I purchase 5 more I’ll have enough to create a new kind of countdown. The 25 books of Christmas! My plan is that each night we will sit down and read one of these books. Since we read every night anyway this should be an easy thing to do. You could simply wrap each book and place them in a basket. I wanted this to become a yearly tradition so I created these bags. If you’d like to know how I made them, I posted a tutorial here.

What holiday tradition are you most looking forward to?

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. Great idea! I bet I could easily get to 25 books as well. Must remember to get this started and put in one of the Christmas totes so it will be ready to go when we decorate next year. Thanks for sharing!

    • You could do a 10 day countdown, or a 15 day countdown and still get it in for this year! 🙂 My boys love reading a Christmas/Winter story each night. Some are secular and some are religious, but all are fun! Packing the books and bags into the Christmas tubs is a great idea! Makes it so easy to pull out and use year after year!

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