Say Thank You to God {A Bible Box Activity}

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a Bible Box activity with you. Even if you haven’t made your own Bible Box yet, you can still easily use this activity with your child(ren). As Thanksgiving draws nearer we often talk of thanking God for our blessings. The lectionary scripture for Thanksgiving day is Luke 17:11-19.


  1. Read Luke 17:11-19 aloud to your child(ren).
  2. Ask them what props they want to use to act out the story. I used a green napkin, some felt cut into strips for the road, 10 figurines and a Jesus. You can use any toy people you have. I have Tales of Glory figurines┬áso that is what I used. But they certainly aren’t necessary.
  3. Allow your child(ren) to set the scene with the props they collected.
  4. Read the scripture again as your children act it out with the figurines.

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