Mindfulness Monday {It’s the Little Things}

As I’ve mentioned before, the focus of my Mindfulness series is focused on you! YOU are your child’s best model. Your child will do and say the things they hear YOU doing and saying. When I am more connected to God, I am better able to facilitate my children’s connection to God. So, for the most part, Mindfulness Mondays is a reminder to start off your week with God in mind, so that you are more able to talk with your children about God! But mindfulness is also a perfect activity to do with your children! So I’m back again today to talk about how to practice mindfulness with your children. Remember that with children I like to use the word notice rather than mindful. We talked before about the BIG and BEAUTIFUL parts of God’s creation. Today we are going to talk about noticing the little things.

Once your children are skilled at noticing they will begin to notice God everywhere. But to begin I always like to take children on a nature walk. Tell your child(ren) that today we are going to notice the teeny tiny parts of God’s creation! Remember that even man made items can be considered part of God’s creation because God is inspiring and creating through us! So allow your child to notice any teeny tiny items on your walk. To make things more fun you can even take along a magnifying glass to help in your search!

At the end of your noticing walk reflect on the teeny tiny things that God created. You may just choose to discuss your noticings, or you may want to have your child draw a picture of their favorite teeny tiny part of God’s creation. You could even hang it next to their BIG and BEAUTIFUL picture to compare!

The more often we take time to notice God in our lives, the more of God we begin to see!

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