Being Kind to God

The lectionary scripture for this week, Matthew 25:31-40, follows a series of parables about what heaven will be like. This scripture serves as the final statement prior to the passion and the resurrection in the book of Matthew.

Ask the children if they have ever given God some food? What about a drink? Have you given God clothes? Or taken care of God when God was sick? Tell the children that you want them to listen to what Jesus has to say about this. Read the children Matthew 25:31-40. Explain that Jesus is saying that all people are part of God’ family. And when you help anyone in God’s family you are helping God.

Ask the children again. Tell me about a time you gave God food. Tell me about when you gave God something to drink. Tell me about a time you gave God clothes. Tell me about a time you took care of God when God was sick. Allow children to share stories after each question. Help them connect to the things they can do to help the people of God’s family.

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