The Lost Sheep {A Bible Box Activity}

I mentioned that children who “Do the Book Scripture” become more active readers. Characters, setting, events, dialog, conclusions, mood, and motivation become more important and children pay more attention to them when they have to interpret and recreate the drama. Doing the book greatly increases story (or scripture) comprehension. Today I want to walk you through the process of Doing the Scripture.

  1. Choose your scripture story ~ When “doing the scripture” for the first time be sure to choose a shorter scripture story. For this example I am using the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:3-7).
  2. Choose your props ~ For younger children you may want to lay out the props for them before reading the story. For older children you may want to read the passage first and then allow them to choose the props they need. (Note: it is often necessary to allow children a chance to free explore the items in the Bible Box when using it for the first time. Then when you are acting out a scripture story they are able to focus on only the props needed for that story.) Note that props can be anything you find around the house. They don’t have to be Biblical figurines!
  3. Read the scripture story ~ As you read the story have your child look at the props and think about what they might be used for in the story. I use My First Bible (using a children’s Bible is recommended).
  4. Decide how props will be used ~ Discuss which props you will need or how the props you have already chosen will be used. If you have more than one child participating in “doing the scripture” you may need to assign roles. How would you use the props in the photo above?
  5. Re-read the scripture story ~ As you read the passage again ask your child to act out what they are hearing with the props. For younger children you may need to guide their actions. 
  6. Read the scripture story again ~ As you read the story again allow your child to re-enact the passage on their own. Or perform it for another member of the family. 


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