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If you are like me, when you find a website you love you want a way to keep updated about what is going on there. So in case you love this website as much as I do (granted I’m a bit biased…it is my baby after all!) I wanted to let you know the many ways you can stay connected with Childhood Spirituality!


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Chalice Prayer

Ask your child(ren) if they know of someone that is hurting (it may be someone they know personally or a situation they know of through the news or school).

Form your hands into a bowl shape. Have your child imagine holding those people/situations in their hands.

Say a prayer together. As you say the prayer, literally lift your hands in the air and hold the people/situations up to God.


Mindfulness Monday {Noticing Color}

Whenever something catches my eye I try to take a moment to stop and practice mindfulness. This week while visiting the home of an artist, I was struck by the beauty of her paint palette. The colors and textures were so beautiful. I was struck by the thought that God still creates every day through our inspired hands. Sometimes it’s through the hands of a master artist and sometimes it is as simple as a crayon drawing done by a child. How is God creating through you?


The Lost Sheep {A Bible Box Activity}

I mentioned that children who “Do the Book Scripture” become more active readers. Characters, setting, events, dialog, conclusions, mood, and motivation become more important and children pay more attention to them when they have to interpret and recreate the drama. Doing the book greatly increases story (or scripture) comprehension. Today I want to walk you through the process of Doing the Scripture.

  1. Choose your scripture story ~ When “doing the scripture” for the first time be sure to choose a shorter scripture story. For this example I am using the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:3-7).
  2. Choose your props ~ For younger children you may want to lay out the props for them before reading the story. For older children you may want to read the passage first and then allow them to choose the props they need. (Note: it is often necessary to allow children a chance to free explore the items in the Bible Box when using it for the first time. Then when you are acting out a scripture story they are able to focus on only the props needed for that story.) Note that props can be anything you find around the house. They don’t have to be Biblical figurines!
  3. Read the scripture story ~ As you read the story have your child look at the props and think about what they might be used for in the story. I use My First Bible (using a children’s Bible is recommended).
  4. Decide how props will be used ~ Discuss which props you will need or how the props you have already chosen will be used. If you have more than one child participating in “doing the scripture” you may need to assign roles. How would you use the props in the photo above?
  5. Re-read the scripture story ~ As you read the passage again ask your child to act out what they are hearing with the props. For younger children you may need to guide their actions. 
  6. Read the scripture story again ~ As you read the story again allow your child to re-enact the passage on their own. Or perform it for another member of the family. 



Body Prayer

When you wake up in the morning start your day with God by praying with your whole body.  Stand up next to your bed and reach for the sky.  Say good morning to God.  Now stretch your arms out wide and thank God for your blessings.  Then hug your arms into yourself and ask God to be present within you today.  Repeat 2-3 times.

What other actions and words could you add to your morning body prayer?




Rejoice in the Lord Always


The Lectionary scripture I am focusing on this week is Philippians 4:4-9.


Share the scripture with your child(ren). Say to them that just reading those words brings a song to mind. Who wants to sing it with me? Rejoice in the Lord Always. Tell your child(ren) that songs can be a wonderful way to remember scripture (or God’s message for us).

During my wedding ceremony the minister said, “It’s easy to think that the good times and the bad times are two separate times in life. But the reality is, they are always happening together. It’s what we choose to focus on that matters.”

Reread Philippians 4:8-9. And share the quote above. Ask your child(ren) what they think that quote means. Now have everyone share something really good that happened today. When everyone is done sharing breathe deep and say thank you to God for your moment of joy. Share with your child(ren) that the more you look for the good in your day, the more good you will see.

Close your time together with a prayer asking God to help you notice the good in your day so that you may focus on what brings you joy.

If you give this activity a try I’d love to hear about your experience! Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

~ Monica


Make Your Own Bible Box

Last week I talked about how meaningful “Doing the Book Scripture” can be! Today I wanted to share with you the supplies I use for “Doing the Scripture.” I call it my Bible Box.

We use our Bible Box to act out scripture. I chose to purchase Biblical characters (Tales of Glory
figurines) but I’ve also used Little People, and doll house figures. You just need to have a man, woman, older man, older woman, child, and baby. You don’t have to go out and purchase anything! Feel free to use any characters you have around the house!


However, if possible, it would be nice to have a Jesus figure
. Once again this is a Tales of Glory figure. As far as I know you have to buy these figures online but they are quite inexpensive.



I like to have some things to help set the scene when acting out a bible story. When I first set up my Bible Box I bought a blue and green napkin (for water and grass). Later on I bought some brown and white felt for the desert and to make a path. I also grabbed a yellow washcloth for making fire.


I also bought some trees, rocks, cactus, etc. I found them at a toy store, but these are certainly not necessary. You could also buy some greenery from the floral section of a craft store.


I also like to have blocks (like Lincoln Logs) for building fences, buildings, even logs for a fire.




Once I have the supplies for setting the scene I start looking for key items. Like this little basket (think loaves and fishes, or baby Moses).




Another great thing to have is some netting. You can get some in the floral section of a craft store, or even use net like packaging. I also keep an eye on the endcaps or dollar section at Target for cheap little animals like these fish.


You can also look in the wood section of your craft store for little characters or boats or trees, etc. Lots of options for your Bible Box.


And then you, of course, need animals. And pairs of animals are helpful! I recommend buying farm animals first because so many bible stories involve animals like sheep, or cows, or some other farm animal. I didn’t follow this advice and while I have lots of wild animals but not any farm animals. Just last week we had to use a lion in place of a sheep. We are GOOD at pretending around here. 🙂

Later this week I’ll walk you through a specific Bible Box activity! Can you think of other items to add to a Bible Box? Please share your ideas in the comments!


Mindfulness Monday {Noticing a Kickball}

Everyday I try to take time to notice. I look for moments of beauty that catch my eye. Sometimes they are exquisit moments of grandeur…of God’s artistry across the sky. But more often than not, they are the simple everyday moments that mean the most to me.

Mindfulness is very appropriate to use with your child(ren). When practicing mindfulness with children it is important to begin by sharing your thoughts out loud. You are their model. They will do and say what they hear you doing and saying. For young children it is easier for them to practice mindfulness about an object they can touch and hold. Older children and adults could practice mindfulness about a photo, such as the one above. Chose the one that works best for you.

  • Spend a moment just breathing.  Tell your child to take 3 deep slow breaths.
  • Tell your child to just think for a moment about this object or scene.  To really notice its shape …, its color…, its texture…., its smell….,  perhaps its taste….
  • Then describe together the object simply and out loud. For this photo you might say, it’s round, and blue, and has lots of little lines.
  • Discuss the object and it’s origins.  Was it nourished by the sun and the rain and the earth?  Was it created and molded by people before it came to you?
  • Connect with this object and all the hands that touched it on it’s way to you.  Feel compassion for those and at one with this bountiful earth.
  • Pay attention to how you are feeling about this object.  Ask your child why they noticed this item today?
  • As you look at your object, you may want to smile at your object and say a little thank you.
  • Stay with that feeling of well-being, and peace for a while. Take 3 more deep, slow breaths
  • When you’re ready, bring your attention back to this time and place, still feeling very good.

It only takes a few minutes in the spiritual practice of noticing to connect with our world, while opening our selves up to feelings of peace.  When you take time to notice, you will be amazed at how many peace filled moments touch your day.  Moments where you feel connected, compassionate, unified and peaceful.  What a gift to share with our children!

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