Mindfulness Monday {My God is Big}

Each Monday I post a mindfulness prompt. And you may have noticed that my Mindfulness Monday series has not really focused on practicing mindfulness with children. Which may seem strange for a children’s spirituality blog. But I have one main reason. YOU are your child’s best model. Your child will do and say the things they hear YOU doing and saying. When I am more connected to God, I am better able to facilitate my children’s connection to God. And for me, the simplest way to stay connected is to practice mindfulness. So, for the most part, Mindfulness Mondays will be about you. A reminder to start off your week with God in mind, so that you are more able to talk with your children about God!

But mindfulness is also a perfect activity to do with your children! So today I thought I’d share one way you can get your kids to start being mindful of God in their lives. With children I like to use the word notice rather than mindful. One of the easiest ways to begin is to take a walk. Tell your child that today we are going to look up and notice the BIG and BEAUTIFUL things that God has created. Don’t restrict your child’s noticings. If they say that God created that big beautiful house, say something like, “That is a beautiful creation! God worked through a person to create that beautiful house.”

At the end of your noticing walk reflect on the BIG and BEAUTIFUL things that God created. You may just choose to discuss your noticings, or you may want to have your child draw a picture of their favorite BIG and BEAUTIFUL part of God’s creation. Either way, you have just introduced your child to the spiritual practice of mindfulness!

And just like adults, the more often children take time to notice God in their lives, the more connected they will feel!

What have you noticed today?

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