Make Your Own Bible Box

Last week I talked about how meaningful “Doing the Book Scripture” can be! Today I wanted to share with you the supplies I use for “Doing the Scripture.” I call it my Bible Box.

We use our Bible Box to act out scripture. I chose to purchase Biblical characters (Tales of Glory
figurines) but I’ve also used Little People, and doll house figures. You just need to have a man, woman, older man, older woman, child, and baby. You don’t have to go out and purchase anything! Feel free to use any characters you have around the house!


However, if possible, it would be nice to have a Jesus figure
. Once again this is a Tales of Glory figure. As far as I know you have to buy these figures online but they are quite inexpensive.



I like to have some things to help set the scene when acting out a bible story. When I first set up my Bible Box I bought a blue and green napkin (for water and grass). Later on I bought some brown and white felt for the desert and to make a path. I also grabbed a yellow washcloth for making fire.


I also bought some trees, rocks, cactus, etc. I found them at a toy store, but these are certainly not necessary. You could also buy some greenery from the floral section of a craft store.


I also like to have blocks (like Lincoln Logs) for building fences, buildings, even logs for a fire.




Once I have the supplies for setting the scene I start looking for key items. Like this little basket (think loaves and fishes, or baby Moses).




Another great thing to have is some netting. You can get some in the floral section of a craft store, or even use net like packaging. I also keep an eye on the endcaps or dollar section at Target for cheap little animals like these fish.


You can also look in the wood section of your craft store for little characters or boats or trees, etc. Lots of options for your Bible Box.


And then you, of course, need animals. And pairs of animals are helpful! I recommend buying farm animals first because so many bible stories involve animals like sheep, or cows, or some other farm animal. I didn’t follow this advice and while I have lots of wild animals but not any farm animals. Just last week we had to use a lion in place of a sheep. We are GOOD at pretending around here. 🙂

Later this week I’ll walk you through a specific Bible Box activity! Can you think of other items to add to a Bible Box? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Make Your Own Bible Box

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  3. Checked out your Bible Box and love your idea. I’m just beginning to teach the 18mos.- 3yr.Ole’s and finding out this would be great. They can pick an animal or person and we can teach them about “that story”. So c-o-o-l.

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  5. What about an angel, a mini globe keychain for creation, a snake, little mini Ten Commandments stones out of cereal boxes, a staff, coins, cross, musical instruments like party favor horns, a whale, plastic trees and bushes, a few rocks, a little mini bible or New Testament, a mini sword, lego bblocks for towers and walls, a plain boy and girl for miracles, paper crown, plastic teacups, mini flashlight, dollhouse bed, and twigs?

  6. Thank you for sharing this idea. I didn’t know that the figurines were available! Someone posted a link to this blog post on our Group Page. Would you give me permission to share this idea on my website and blog? Thank you!

  7. Did you just purchase the tales of glory set for your bible box? Or were there other sets you added too? I would like to set this box up and want to know what I am looking at purchasing, as far as people go. I already have animals.

  8. This is one of the neatest ideas I have seen in a very long time!! I have a Nativity set using small plastic figures, but never thought about adding to it to make more Bible stories! My kids are mostly grown, but I have been working with children at church. This is perfect!

  9. My son is 4 months and I cannot wait for him to grow!! What a wonderful idea to teach the boys the gospel and Jesus.

  10. I have just started helping with the 3-5 year old sunday school class. I came across this and I am so excited to build this. Can’t wait thank you for your ideas. God Bless you.

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  12. love the box! One of our kindergarten teachers makes multiple story bags for the current lessons. Retelling is so important and fun! I just wrote about it last week in my post “robbers, a hurt man, and donkey! Oh, my”

  13. Love your ideas. I am completely redoing our two year old curriculum and this is perfect! Thanks for your help!

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