Humble Yourself

Decide on one or two “rules” that you could break during this lesson with the children. If you are doing this at home perhaps it’s eating dessert in the middle of the day. If you are using this at church maybe it’s eating in the sanctuary or texting/listening to music. Whatever you choose make sure it is one or two rules you can visibly break during the lesson. Gather whatever materials are necessary for your rule breaking.

Gather the children and give them a firm lecture about why they have to follow the rules. Really lay it on thick telling them what a problem it is for these particular rules to be broken. The entire time you are talking to the children about the importance of rule following be sure you are actively breaking those same rules. If possible keep lecturing until someone speaks up about how unfair you are being.

Discuss with the children how it made them feel to be lectured about following a rule that you were breaking. Ask them if they have ever seen someone say one thing but do another thing. Share with them Matthew 23:1-12. If you have Ralph Minton’s Lectionary Story Bible – Year A┬áthe scripture is on page 231.

Jesus didn’t believe that the people in charge got to do whatever they wanted. Jesus taught that if you tell others to do something then you should do it too. That the leaders of the church, even the pastor should be serving and helping others. It’s our job to take care of others no matter who we are.

Teach the children the song Humble Yourselfto help them remember the scripture lesson of today.

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4 thoughts on “Humble Yourself

  1. This is great, Monica! I’m doing Children’s Ministry tomorrow and was planning on doing the Humble Yourself song with the kids…now I’m going to start with the “Candy Rules” to tie in to their excitement about Halloween so I can break the rules to demonstrate the scripture as well. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  2. Monica ~ Wanted to let you know things went GREAT! Everybody loved it…I passed along your website to our Pastor and the leader of our worship committee so that they can give it to our Presiders to use as a resource as well. I’ll be checking back for sure! Thanks again!!

    • Oh I’m so glad!! Thanks for getting the word out about the site! I really appreciate that! Have a great week Kristi!

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