Take Time to Notice

I find that often we zip through our day without really noticing anything. Take a minute and think…other than where you went and what you did, can you describe the special moments of your day? Until I started taking time to notice moments of beauty in my day my answer to that question would have been no.

For me the change happened when I started working on my photography skills. Last summer I signed up for an inspirational photography class just because I wanted to get better at taking pictures of my kids.  Little did I know that such a small thing would change me so drastically.  Through the lens of my camera I began to truly see the world around me.  The beauty in the every day mesmerized me.  More and more often I would be stopped in my tracks by the simple beauty of God’s creation and in picking up my camera I was taking time out of my life to acknowledge it, respect it, and give honor and praise to God.  For me, making space for this daily connection with God is a form of prayer.  My photographs are prayer.  And the more I practice, the more of my time is spent noticing God in my life.

So today, take time to notice.  Find something that stops you in your tracks with the presence of God.  When you begin to notice God in your life, you are more able to model that connection for your children.

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11 thoughts on “Take Time to Notice

  1. I love your website Monica…gave me some ideas and reminders. You are very gifted, and I am happy to have a part in the life of your wonderful boys.

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  3. Your photography skills show what you notice in the world. Your photography is a blessing to all of us!

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