How Did I Get Here?

Here’s my story, several years ago when my oldest was about 2 and my youngest was a newborn (aren’t they cute?!?) I started feeling like it was time to begin deliberately encouraging their spiritual growth. But I felt totally inadequate to that task. As a teacher I knew what to do for language development, early math and reading skills, I even knew how to discipline…I had training in all of those areas. But when it came to helping my children develop a relationship with God I was at a loss. Who here can relate?

So I turned to someone I know that does have training in all this spiritual “stuff,” my mom. She has her seminary degree with a focus on Spiritual Formation. I asked her to work with me on developing a resource for childhood spirituality. I felt like we could take her extensive knowledge on spiritual practices and my knowledge about how children learn and develop, and combine them to create something really powerful. What we came up with is a 4 session course on utilizing spiritual practices in family devotional settings. Through the years we have presented portions of this work both together and I have presented it alone. And that work led to me writing some child spirituality resources as well as a children’s book for my church.

Over the years I have used spiritual practices in my home with my children (who are now 6 and 4) and I have begun to find more and more ways to incorporate God and spirituality into our lives. And yet, I hear so many parents saying they simply don’t know what to do. And so this website was born. My hope is that I can use what I’ve learned to offer ideas that will make it more simple for you to talk about God with your children!

And now, I’d love to hear from you! ¬†What are you already doing with the children in your life? What do you wish you knew more of or had access to? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear all about it!

~ Monica

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